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Here’s a collection of things I love, helpful programs and bloggers worth looking into!

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Shine is a free program that sends users a daily text message with words of encouragement, interesting and inspirational articles and links to discussion groups. I have my message scheduled every morning, just after my alarm goes off. I expected to get annoyed or bored with it after a week, but I truly find myself enjoying the articles and taking the advice to heart.


Bryan Anthonys Jewelry

Bryan Anthonys has created a line of jewelry with meaning, I am personal in love with every description of their pieces. The website’s “Our Story” page claims “it represents empowerment and positivity. It is an indication of life’s fragility and the importance of self expression. It’s about living life like you want it to mean something and making every moment you are given count.” Check them out and pick up a little something for yourself or a friend!