It’s time to come clean: Confession #1

I feel like a fraud. There. I said it. I’ve never been diagnosed. I don’t have health insurance, which makes it next to impossible to get a diagnosis, to talk to a professional, or to fill a prescription. I am positive that I have an anxiety disorder, that the depression I feel is real and […]

On a mission; my reason is you

I’ve always struggled with my “why.” Why do I blog? What is my niche? Who is my target audience? What do they need from me? I’ve talked to other bloggers, I’ve gotten advice and I’ve soul-searched. After many hours and rewrites, I’ve narrowed it down to this; I want to provide support, advice, and positivity […]

I’ll Show You My…Fellow Blogger

It’s time for our monthly collaboration, I’ll Show You My…” and this month, we’re showing off our fellow bloggers! I’d like to introduce you to Ashley from Bloomin’ Ash! I’m still pretty new to blogging, and in the first few months, I joined about a million Facebook groups for bloggers. I kept “bumping into” Ashley in the […]