Entrepreneur Interview Series Introduction

As I’ve been on this adventure, I’ve learned so much about myself, and I’m learning more everyday.

One of the most important things I’ve discovered is that someone, somewhere feels exactly like you do!

I’ve second guessed my decisions along the way, and I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and quit almost daily.

But I’m determined to be a successful writer, an entrepreneur, to make something out of nothing.

I recently asked for advice in a rather large Facebook group for lady entrepreneurs like myself, a group that includes those just starting out and those who have made a name for themselves. I was put in contact with Sasha whom I immediately recognized from her Facebook page Lipstick, margaritas and hairspray. While I was completely freaking out over receiving advice from someone with 250,000 followers (holy crap!!!) I was also nearly in tears. I was already gathering interviews for this series, but never was I so inspired until this conversation.

Think about how many people struggle with what you struggle with. If they see YOU succeeding, having a business, running it, making it work, but still struggling and talking about it, they will resonate with you and that makes them love you all the more. People don’t resonate with perfect people.

I have yet to make a dime from my blog, my online store, or the direct sales company I’ve signed up with but that doesn’t mean I’m failing. I will share the difficulties I have to overcome, I will rejoice in the smallest wins and I will commiserate with anyone on balancing it all.

This interview series was as much for me as it was for my readers. Entrepreneurs, writers, introverts, people who sometimes doubt that they can do what they’ve set out to do, I’ve asked them all how they do it, how it makes them feel, what they struggle with and how they overcome it.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and get ready to get real!

If you’d like to learn more about why I took Sasha’s advice to heart, check out her online course Facebook Unscattered.
Toni comes to us from Defend The Pen, a site full of resources for freelance writers and journalists
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