Maybe you shouldn’t “fake it til you make it”


A little over two years ago, I started making a lot of changes in my life. Actually, I made changes to myself. The life changes followed naturally. Making changes can be difficult though, and I often went looking for inspiration to keep going. I researched ways to stay motivated. Anxiety, depression, impostor syndrome, being an introvert, […]

May 25, 2017

I’ll Show You My…Fellow Blogger


It’s time for our monthly collaboration, I’ll Show You My…” and this month, we’re showing off our fellow bloggers! I’d like to introduce you to Ashley from Bloomin’ Ash! I’m still pretty new to blogging, and in the first few months, I joined about a million Facebook groups for bloggers. I kept “bumping into” Ashley in the […]

May 17, 2017

To the barista that saves my sanity


I’m not sure you’re called a barista. I mean, it’s not Starbucks or some fancy cafe…it’s just Dunkin’ Donuts. Anyway. You’ve seen me through a lot. Through the drive thru window, you hand me whatever caffeinated concoction I need that day, but what you don’t know is you’re handing me a moment to recharge. You’ve […]

May 9, 2017