Link up post: I’ll show you…what makes me happy!

Each month, a group of bloggers set up this great collaboration. We each write about a previously agreed upon topic, and all of our links are shared on everyone else’s posts! It’s a great way to get to know each other, and for our followers to discover new blogs!

This month, we’re talking about what makes us happy! This is probably one of my favorite topics because honestly, who doesn’t love to talk about the things that make them happy?


Was there every any doubt? Coffee makes me happy. Not having coffee does not make me happy.

That is all I have to say on that subject.

Warm weather

Winter really drags me down. I’m always cold as it is, but if the outside temperature is lower than 60 degrees, I’m miserable. As soon as the thermometer rises though, I will sit in the sun all day, break out my summer dresses and feel like myself again!

Finishing anything

I have a habit of starting more projects than I can handle, and rarely finishing them. That in itself stresses me out, but actually completing something is such a great feeling, I love the sense of accomplishment I feel!

My husband

He is incredibly patient with me, and he always knows what I need. We’ve certainly had our ups and downs, but I think we’ve really figured it out pretty well now. It makes me happy to say that we’re going to be celebrating our 11th anniversary this summer. We were just kids when we started out, we were warned it wouldn’t last, but every year we get to say we’ve already come so far!

Our children


They make me crazy, because with three of them, I easily reach my sensory threshold and need some calm, quiet time. But they really are great kids. The big kids are two of the most responsible children I’ve met. To be perfectly honest, they are more responsible, at 7 and 8, then I was at 16. They know how to do laundry, they clean, they help with the little dude, and they only complain half as much as I did at their age!

While the little dude is more of a stubborn troublemaker than either of his brothers, he is still a sweet, caring boy. He shares well, he tries to help when he can, and he’s always ready to snuggle.


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