At This Moment…March Edition

Each month, I like to have a nice chat about what I’m reading, watching and working on at this moment. I love getting feedback, hearing what everyone else is involved in and sharing my thoughts on these topics. Leave a comment below with your at this moment books, binge-worthy shows, and projects!


I haven’t finished last month’s books yet, I really don’t feel like I’ve had much time to read! Also, I bought myself a Kindle Fire that I absolutely love. This leaves me with the dilemma of having the entire Kindle Owner’s Lending Library at my fingertips! Obviously, I just had to try out that feature right away, so I started reading After Disasters by Viet Dinh.

After Disasters has been on my To Read List for quite some time. I was pretty excited to find out I’d be able to read it for free. The book describes the aftermath of an immense earthquake in India, as seen by four people sent there to assist the locals after the devastation. One thing that always draws me into any story, book or on screen, is the seemingly fated meeting of characters. More than once, this book unexpectedly reunites characters in the midst of tragedy..



It seems as though Netflix has added an insane amount of new shows in the last few weeks! That, or I’m just far more interested in the ones that are available now. Either way, I’ve nearly doubled my Watch List!

Image result for white collarOne show that has drawn me in after only two episodes is White Collar. I have gravitated away from crime shows lately, they have been done and overdone, but Agent Burke and Neal Caffrey are witty and sarcastic and play off each other so well. While the characters really make the show, the story line is unique as well, following agents in the FBI’s Manhattan White Collar Crime Unit as they bust the bad guys!


Works in Progress

I am nearly done with my oldest son’s crocheted blanket that I showed off last month, just a few more rows to go, and then I’m putting a charcoal border around it, per his request! I will be happy when it’s done, it’s gotten too big to lug back and forth to work! I’m really looking forward to each of the boys having one, I hope they cherish them for a long time!

Getting my blog where I want it to be will always be a work in progress, and it’s slow going because I really just haven’t been consistent. That’s all on me though, I have to choose to make it a priority and I’m not doing that.

Another project that I’m contemplating is becoming an Origami Owl Consultant! After receiving my wrap bracelet that I wrote about in this month’s Favorite Things Friday, I fell in love! Becoming a consultant is a commitment, I’m not sure I’m fully prepared to take it on yet, but I’m strongly considering it. I’ve learned I can do many things I never thought I could, and fear is the only thing holding me back here as well. I’m sure I’ll take the leap when I’m ready though!

Finally, I’m getting back on track with my healthy lifestyle plan. I’ve said that a million times before, and every day some challenge throws me off. Today has been great, I’m prepping meals like I used to and I’m giving it some serious effort. I still have about fifty pounds to lose, this is no time to slack off!


That’s it for me! What do you have going on in March? Leave a comment below!

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