Favorite Things Friday: March Edition

I’m not one to promote direct sales businesses, but I’m making an exception because this month, my very favorite thing is my new Origami Owl wrap bracelet!

I’m so glad my friend Lanna decided to be a consultant and twisted my arm to set up a Facebook party! (I’m kidding, I was really excited!)

After a few friends bought some cute things, I was ecstatic when Lanna told me I had enough credit to get everything I wanted for less than $20!

I already have a million necklaces, and I currently have one that I wear everyday, so I knew that I wanted a bracelet.

The leather wrap bracelets have a casual vibe that I love because I am very casual (like, yoga-pants-always casual).

I chose a black wrap bracelet and a black locket because black goes with everything, and 80% of my closet is black or gray!


Picking out charms was the hardest part, because I had to pare it down to four and I loved so many of them!

This adorable travel coffee cup was a shoo-in!

And, of course, the pizza slice!

The video game controller was too awesome to pass up. My husband and I like to play video games together, and we make a great team (and not just while playing!).

The compass charm is a special one to me though. It’s a reminder to trust my instincts, that it’s ok to get a little lost sometimes and that I’ll find my way.

I love my living locket from Origami Owl. I wear it every single day! It’s a perfect little capsule that represents me, something that can change and grow with me.

The struggle now is deciding which new charms I want! I just saw an adorable typewriter charm on sale that may just have to join my collection!

If you’re interested in learning more about Origami Owl, hosting an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar, or if you just want to browse, check out Lanna’s shop and make sure to like her Facebook page!