I got in a fight with my closet today.

Inspiration / Saturday, February 18th, 2017
Don’t let me fool you, I do not have my shit together.
I just spent 45 minutes having an adult sized temper tantrum over getting dressed.
I got the cutest pair of boots last weekend and I really wanted to wear them for our Saturday adventure.
I have two pairs of jeans, one too big, one just right, but both were too short to wear with boots.
All the shirts I wanted to wear were either too warm for the day or too tight or just…UGH!
So…Yoga pants and a flannel shirt…As per usual.
I was trying to be body positive. I was trying to remember how far I’ve come and not how far away I am from where I want to be.
But I really wanted to sit on the floor, on top of all the clothes I want to wear, and cry. I didn’t, but I wanted to.
If we’re being honest, I shouldn’t be surprised by my lack of progress. I haven’t done any kind of exercise in weeks. I’ve either been skipping meals completely or eating way too much.
I know I’m in a downward spiral, that winter is getting the best of me, and maybe I’m not trying hard enough to shake it.
Maybe I’m just a little stuck and need to find my way back.
This is not failing.
This is learning.
And that’s okay.
Giving up is not okay.
Giving up is failing.