I’ll show you my love language

My husband and I have spent 12 Valentine’s Days together. Our very first one was everything a 16 year old girl dreams of. He drove an hour, one way, to surprise me at my parent’s house with roses, chocolates, a teddy bear, and jewelry.
Let’s just say, he set the bar pretty high for the future.
The next year was much the same, and I loved it.
The third year, he asked me to marry him.
Every year since then has been a lot different than the first three.
And that’s ok. 
After getting married right out of high school, working our way through eight years of college, having a tight budget and three children to feed, I became more realistic. 
That’s not to say I haven’t sometimes been a little disappointed when my Facebook was flooded with pictures of roses, sparkly diamonds and dinner dates. I have always been a hopeless romantic, even though I don’t buy into the “shower you with love once a year” holiday. But these days, I see romance in a much different way.
According to the test on 5lovelanguages.com, the best way to woo me is through “Acts of Service.” I wasn’t sure how correct that was, my first reaction was “No way, that can’t be right.” But maybe it is, maybe the reason that is my love language is because it’s exactly what I’m used to, I’ve learned that language, that is how my husband loves me, it’s the only way I know, and, after ten years, I have picked up on that and completely accepted it as perfect.
Because it is.
I love when he sets the coffee for the morning, even if he doesn’t plan on drinking any.
I love that he cleans my favorite coffee mug, so it’s always ready for me.
I love when he cooks dinner when I don’t feel like it, or doesn’t complain when the house is a mess and instead, starts to clean it.
I love when he takes the kids to the park and leaves me behind to write. (Although, I have been known to veg out on the couch with netflix and potato chips instead.)
I really love when he tells me to take a nap because I’m clearly cranky and in need of one!
When I know I won’t be home to help with the kids or dinner, I do my best to prepare, so things are as easy for him as he makes them for me.
I stare in confusion at women who complain about their husband’s inability or unwillingness to help around the house or with the kids and realize how very lucky I am.

I do my best to thank him, to let him know how much I appreciate even the littlest things he does for me everyday because I know he does it out of love, not out of duty or habit or selfishness.

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  1. So cute! It is the little things like that for me too. I completely laughed about chips and Netflix.

  2. I'm so bad about that! When I have time alone, the last thing I want to do is anything productive!

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