Adventures with Landon!

This isn’t something I had planned on writing, I mean, yeah, I think my kids are hilarious, smart and adorable, but doesn’t every mom? But here’s the thing…I’m going to be working more starting in a few weeks, and while I am positive that it’s going to be really good for everyone, it is making me slow down and really notice my baby boy more.

The older two, they’re 17 months apart, most of their baby/toddlerhood is a total blur of little to no sleep, lots of diapers and messes. But I’m home all day with Landon, he gets a ton of one on one time with me, and while I am so glad we get that, it can be exhausting. Having been with him day in and day out for his entire life of almost three years means I’m often distracted and not really seeing him. Now, knowing that I’m going to be spending more time away from him, I find I have more patience and I am feeling quite nostalgic because he’s becoming such a little person!

So anyway, I usually do the grocery shopping alone, it gives me an hour to just be alone and I can focus on getting good deals! 😉 Last week, I was feeling ambitious and decided to go during the day, taking Landon with me. I am so glad I did, I saw this post happening before my very eyes! I knew I wanted to share this little boy’s personality, if not for everyone else, than to remember these moments for myself.

It started with the cart that has the little car attached, he HAD to have that. What kid doesn’t right? He was so excited about it!

He has been to this store before and he knows that once we get to the meat department, his brothers take him to see the lobsters, but they weren’t here with us! You know when little kids use the wrong words and it’s too cute to correct? Well, he asked if he could go see the “Krabby Patties” and I may have grinned at him and said “yes, definitely, go see the Krabby Patties.”
I was picking out some organic chicken breast, and he came running back to me.
“Mommy! C’mere! C’mere, you gotta see the krabby patties!!”
I told him he needed to wait until I was ready, and he waited very patiently. After a few more meat selections, we made our way to the lobsters, and he had to tell me all about them.
“Mommy, they’re moving! Krabby patties are so cute!” He was so fascinated and it was adorable.

I find that, as long as I don’t have to rush, I can totally handle shopping with a little dude. They can be super helpful too! Landon was getting a little restless though, and I told him he needed to get in the cart because he kept running way too far ahead of me. That’s when he did this;

Now, I’m what may be considered a “lazy mom.” I read an article years ago that explained lazy moms, the kind who will tell their kids that they probably shouldn’t do the thing they’re doing because they could get hurt/make a mess/break something/etc. That’s me. Unless it’s a really really big deal, I let them figure it out on their own. So, generally, riding on the cart like this isn’t the worst thing he could do, but I know he is a wee bit clumsy at times. I told him that it’s probably a bad idea, he could fall and get hurt. At which point he said “No mommy, me not get hurt. Mommy, you a bad idea.” Yes, total bratface. But the seriousness with which he said it had me biting my lip to not laugh! Of course, I explained that it wasn’t nice to say that, but I’m telling you, it was still hilarious.

He’s adorably caught between being a toddler and a big boy, this transition is absolutely the cutest and most trying I’ve encountered yet. I’ve always said two year olds are my favorite, forget the terrible twos. Sure, they’re frustrating, but children test your limits at any age, but when they’re still little enough to be distracted from an impending tantrum with a hug or a ticklefest, it’s so much easier than when they’re big and stomping off to their room!

Ok, I’m sure you’ve had enough of my sweet little punk for now. 🙂

Keep an eye out for my next post! It’s a book review!



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