I’ll show you my New Year’s Resolutions

This is my first time participating in a monthly collaborative post with KatieChristina, Krysten, Tracy, and Dara. Check out their blogs, I enjoyed getting to know them through their blog posts!

It’s January, and although I already wrote this post about my goals for this year, I don’t see them as resolutions, they don’t really require me to make any real changes. In order to reach these goals, I only need to focus and buckle down on continuing with my plan.

I don’t normally make resolutions, I hear people say they want to “exercise more” or “eat healthier.” Most resolutions are so general, it’s a hard thing to stick with if you don’t have specific goals in mind. As I wrote about my goals in my earlier post, I was excited because I have a plan to reach them. Many people don’t, they just throw themselves entirely into changing what they don’t like about themselves and burn out after a few months at best.

That being said, my resolution is not about changing my perceived flaws, but accepting that what I think of as flaws are just a part of me, and most people are too busy focusing on themselves to notice these tiny things about me.
So what if I have stretch marks? Maybe my hair is usually a mess. Yes, I have a ton of freckles. Nope, I am definitely not supermodel thin.
But those stretch marks started nine years ago when my oldest was growing inside me, they were the lasting signs of a mother being created. Having a good hair day is so exciting when you don’t get them often. Freckles, everywhere, are reminders of all the summer days spent in the sun as a little girl, trips to the beach and so many sunburns (wear sunscreen kids!). I am working on myself, I don’t even want to be supermodel thin, I am proud of what my body can do now, I am happy with the steps I am taking and the progress I’m making.

So maybe this year, instead of trying to change what makes you who you are, change how you think about yourself.



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  1. That sounds like a great resolution!

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