Favorite Things Friday!

Yay! Friday!!
Actually, this post is pretty much the most exciting thing about Friday. Hubs is working Saturday, and I’m working Sunday so we have nothing fun planned. Bummer.
But that’s what makes this post so exciting! I’m going to tell you about my most favoritest thing of all!

I may have a small, tiny, little obsession with coffee. And anyone who does, knows that coffee always tastes best in your favorite mug! My neighbor gave me a mug for Christmas, and I have to say, my eyes lit up when I opened the box! It is beautiful and so perfect.

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Because the writing is metallic, it’s hard to take a picture that makes it easy to read. It says;
“A long sought glimmer
The shimmer of scales
Whirling and swirling
She ascends
Following the ocean’s sway
The roll of the tide
Trading the song of solitude
For the brilliant flurry of the world above”

I just love it. It resonates with me as a writer, but also as an introvert who is always struggling between wanting to be alone and wanting to be involved.
And also a little bit because it reminds me of The Little Mermaid and I will always be a Disney Princess. πŸ™‚

The mug is from Starbucks, it’s discontinued now, and I’ve seen it selling on eBay for around $40! Isn’t that crazy?! Although, to be honest, if I had that kind of money to spend, and anything happened to mine, I would definitely be forking over all kinds of money for a replacement.

I really like that it’s made of ceramic, so it’s heavy, solid and it just feels right in my hand. I think I’m in love with it…
It has a lid, it just fits right in, it doesn’t leak when you drink from it, but it’s not spillproof (I would assume, I haven’t tipped it over!)
My one and only complaint is that it’s not microwavable or dishwasher safe, but I’m an adult now, and I hand wash things that aren’t dishwasher safe when I need to. And coffee doesn’t stay in my mug long enough to get cold!
I totally get a little bummed out when I wake up in the morning and see it still sitting, dirty, on the counter. My hubs has surprised me lately and I find it clean and in the cabinet more often than not. He may not realize it, but it puts such a smile on my face to see that he took care of it for me when I so clearly forget on a regular basis.
OK, so that’s my Favorite Thing Friday! Do you have a favorite coffee mug or other drink receptacle?
Hehe…why do I say wierd things like that? I’m kind of a nerd



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  1. Jennifer Newton says:

    I have an old brown coffee cup that Grandma Bennett gave me when I was 18. She had one just like it too. We sat and drank coffee together all the time. I will always have that cup, still have it and still drink coffee out of it. I miss her

  2. πŸ˜€ that's awesome! I still remember the mugs my grandparents always had their morning coffee in πŸ’—

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