Jumping right in to the New Year!

I promise, I will do a little intro diddy, but this post has been brewing in my mind for a few days, and it’s time sensitive so I want to start, right here, right now!

It’s 2017!

I don’t usually make resolutions, but I’ve made so many huge changes in my life, that I feel like I need to set some goals so I can continue making these changes. Many of them are fitness and health related because that is where my biggest changes start and end. So, fitness-y goals are as follows;

1. 300 Days Of Fitness!
I have this great chart that was posted in a Facebook Group that I am in. I hope to see lots of X’s this year!

2. Minimum of 672 miles in 2017!
I also signed up for a virtual challenge to “Run the Year.” That’s 2,017 miles in 2017. I am on a team with two other people, so split evenly, that’s just over 672 miles each. I hope to exceed that though! Right now I walk/run/sprint anywhere from 1.5-3 miles at a time, by the end of the year I want that to be more like 5-7 miles.

3. Work on balancing clean eating with satisfying cravings
I have a very hard time finding balance with food. I try very hard to eat clean, minimally processed foods, but after eating whatever tasted good for so many years, breaking the addiction to sugar and carbs is so difficult. It makes me miserable at times, so I do give in to cravings, often more than I should. Sometimes I am gravely disappointed in the foods I thought I wanted so badly, I use that disappointment as a reminder the next time I crave something. My goal for this year is to focus on eating clean foods that I actually enjoy, while satisfying the cravings for junk with intention.

4. Ultimate goal weight?
I don’t want to set weight as a goal, because the scale is not the best way to measure change. But in the end, it is still the easiest way for me to gauge how I am doing. In the mirror, I very often still see my 260 lb body, not the 205 lb strong body I now have. Numbers are easier to measure and understand for me, so I am going to say that I would love to reach my goal weight of 140ish (I’ll be happy anywhere around 160 or under) by the end of the year, but I will not fixate on that. Overall, I want to be fit, strong, and healthy. Weight loss is secondary.

Now for the not-so-fitness related goals!

1. Make $1,000!
What?! Yup. My goal is to make $1,000 through the various websites I am a member of, getting paid to watch videos, take surveys and complete tasks. Sounds like a lot of money to make but when I put my mind to it, I can make $60-$80 a month, so I think if I really focus, I can definitely reach $1,000 in one year!
*I’ll be writing a future post about all the ways I earn money online!*

2. Three blog posts a week
This is a goal, only because I tend to jump into things and stick with it for a few weeks before I get bored. If I commit to at least three posts a week for the whole year, hopefully that will give me the extra push I need.

3. Finish projects!!
I have a bad habit of starting a sewing/crocheting/organizing project, walking away from it, and not finishing it for weeks, months, ever…
I’m convinced that’s indicative of something subconscious, a fear of failure or something, I don’t know. But this year, I plan on finishing projects before starting something else, to really buckle down on these projects and get them done!

4. Books books books
I used to read a book a day before I had children and responsibilities, now it takes me a month or more to finish most books. And I do have time, I just prioritize other things way ahead of my love of reading. I want to read at least two books a month, I have an eight page list of books I want to read that is constantly growing. I will never get through it if I don’t read more!

5. Last but most importantly, be present.
This seems simple, but I want to be present. When I am with people, I want to be with them, not distracted by my phone, not thinking about the next thing I need to do. In addition to this, I want to make an effort to be accept and extend invitations to more social thingies. :-p I am an introvert, hardcore. I would much rather stay home than do anything. It’s hard to have friends when you turn down invitations constantly. Granted, it’s hard to accept a lot of invitations with the schedule I have, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make it work.

That’s it! Welcome to my blog and welcome to 2017!



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